This workshop is suitable for anyone who is new to Xero payroll, or is an existing user that is looking for some more confidence in their Xero payroll system.

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Our Xero Payroll workshop is an interactive session aimed at all learning types where attendees will learn everything to do with Xero payroll, from set up and settings, to filing with IRD. 


Laptops Provided, alternatively you can bring your own if preferred.


From this Xero session you should come away being able to:

  • Know how to set up Xero payroll for your business
  • Be able to navigate around the settings and add any extra pay items as necessary
  • Know how to set up an employee or contractor and add opening balances where applicable
  • Be able to add, edit and delete timesheets and know how these interact with payruns
  • Know the ins and outs of how to process payruns
  • Have knowledge of what reports are available for payroll and what information you can access