Aimed at current Xero users, this course is more advanced showing all the extra features, tips and tricks to help you become a Xero expert.

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This workshop includes all the advanced features Xero has to offer, where you can get hands on in how some of these features work in practice within the bookkeeping and business management world. The aim is for you to come away with some tips on how to improve Xero use and admin operations and efficiencies in your business.


From this Xero session you should come away being able to:


  • Have a good understanding of all the extra features in Xero and be able to apply these to your business systems
  • Will be familiar with the Xero app and how it interacts with Xero.
  • Have knowledge of faster ways to process monthly bills for payment.
  • Be aware of different payment services that can be linked with Xero to aid with faster debtor collection.
  • Knowledge of advanced ways to reconcile the bank, making coding easier and quicker.
  • Enter invoices and bills from Xero files
  • Use inventory system to make invoice preparation more efficient
  • Assign expenses to customer from a bill or reconciliation and add that expense directly to a customer’s invoice
  • Have knowledge of Xero smart lists and how these can benefit your business


Laptops Provided, alternatively you can bring your own if preferred.